Phoenician’s investment management unit manages discretionary accounts on behalf of institutional and private clients. Dedicated to capturing global investment opportunities across markets, we focus mostly on cash equity, equity derivatives and commodities.

The unit also invests Phoenician’s proprietary funds through both private equity and public markets transactions – by investing in outstanding niche companies and issuers operating across China and ASEAN with the potential to grow into global leaders with special focus on the mining, healthcare and emerging technologies sectors.

Adopting a disciplined and active investment approach, our goal is to generate consistent investment performance while effectively managing risks.

Phoenician offers discretionary mandates tailored to our clients’ needs

Globally Diversified Mandates
Dedicated to investing across asset classes in accordance with Phoenician’s long-term global investment strategy.

Regionally Focused Mandates
Dedicated to investing in a particular geographical region by making direct investments across asset classes.

Asset Class Specific Mandates
Dedicated to investing in a unique, pre-defined single asset class such as fixed income, equities or commodities.

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