Phoenician helps innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders achieve their financial goals by serving as a bridge between China and the West, while connecting leading foreign institutional investors with markets in Asia.

As an independent investment firm, Phoenician has the ability to work with leading platforms and service providers worldwide in order to offer clients global access to investment opportunities, best-in-class advisory services and trading capabilities across asset classes and geographies.

A trusted advisor with a well-established track record, the Group also works with first-tier corporates with global ambitions, helping them raise capital on both private and public global capital markets, to fund their entry in the world’s most dynamic emerging markets.

Becoming part of the local communities is Phoenician’ paramount strategy in entering global markets. We are thus committed to building a network of reputable local professionals who speak the language, know the culture, have first-hand knowledge of clients’ needs, and possess valuable relationships within the business communities.

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